"It took me 4-5 years to save up for DEEPER.

It is the best investment that I have ever made in my own life."

1) How large will the intensive workshop be?

These are small group coaching and growth events....usually less than 20 women.

2) What can I expect?

Roxanne has teamed up with Dallas Life Coach, Dee Ann Higgins, for a double dose of fun and insight.
Also she can’t do anything without a lot of fun, food and fellowship thrown in. Soooooo besides that, your weekend will involve:

  • Topical learning sessions
  • Small group coaching and interaction
  • Ample time and space to reflect and journal
  • Abundant sharing times throughout

Session topics may include:

     • Redeeming your past

     • Choices and their impact
     • Your “life story” analysis

     • Transformational Change
     • Personal development​​ 

     • Relationship building
     • Life Purpose and Vision session

​     • Strengths/Personality assessment
     • Faith development

Each session was designed to help you find your  “sweet spot” of living the deepest, most satisfying life possible.  During these Intensives, we will laugh, cry, share and celebrate as we learn new ways to live deeper, more fulfilling lives. You will leave with “action steps” to help you apply the new things you have learned. You will release burdens that have weighted you down for far too long. You will also gain FREEDOM and understanding that will help you live in a greater fulfillment of “the rest of your days”!

3) What are the lodging/food arrangements?
Since we prize and have learned the value of actually GETTING AWAY.....our 2023 DEEPER intensive will be in a lovely home and each guest will stay in nearby arrangements (airbnb/hotel/etc) inclusive in your registration. Oklahoma is beautiful in the fall and we will be outside walking and inside talking. We like cozy environments which allow lots of peace, laughter and learning.

4) What is the schedule?
Each intensive workshop experience spans 4 days. The first day begins around 3-5pm followed by a group dinner, followed by two days of Intensive sessions, and a closing brunch session on the last day ending early afternoon.

5) Is it possible to have a Deeper at my location?

Absolutely!!  Contact Roxanne and let's talk!!

6) Do you do these Intensives for closed groups, like churches, staff or employees?

Absolutely!! Contact Roxanne and let's talk!! 

7) Background story behind these intensives?
After over 45 years of speaking, mentoring, leadership and ministry, Roxanne earned her advanced certificate in Christian Life Coaching.  She often finds herself pondering the statement “Since life is not a dress rehearsal and I do not get do-overs then am I living in the potential and purpose that I was created for?” Roxanne believes that we are all created ON PURPOSE AND FOR PURPOSE. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything that the dear Lord intended for her to accomplish. Her hunger for life-long-learning has helped her identify and realize her sweet spot and she now lives a very intentional life. She humbly wants to build up other women in the areas of intentional learning and understanding-based living. She wants to help women find their "sweet spot" of passion, power and purpose and to walk in greater freedom.

8) What does the workshop cost?

Cost for DEEPER is $995. Payable in three installments of $333.  Includes 3.5 days of training with certified life coaches, workshop materials, lodging, dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; lunches on Friday, Saturday and brunch on Sunday. 
Lodging for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights ARE included. 
DISCOUNT- If making one payment of $950. 
Payment in full is required before October 15, 2023.

Register now and save your spot for a minimum $333 downpayment. We accept checks or Paypal (Roxanne@RoxanneParks.com), Venmo (@RoxanneParks) or Cashapp ($RoxanneParks). Additional information is in the registration link.
9) What airport is closest to the Deeper experience?
Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World airport is the closest.

10) Is this a Christian event?

We are faith-filled coaches seeking to help others live more abundantly in all the Jesus has provided us.

11) Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy:  Full refund up to 30 days before the first day of event. (October 2nd). 
If between 7-30  days of the event, you may transfer your payments to a friend, to another event OR receive a refund minus $150 administration fee (October 3rd - Oct. 26).
If within 7 days of the event, no refunds available. You may transfer your payments to a friend or to another event.

12) Testimonials:

"it took me 4-5 years to save up for DEEPER. It is the best investment that I have ever made in my own life."

Lisa W

“My favorite part was getting to hear real hearts and being encouraged to live a better me for Christ."
"I'm going home with skills to be a better me, a better wife, better mom, better friend.
"I feel empowered now that I have tools to work within my strengths, personality, & giftings." 
"I'm going home stronger...Roxanne taught me a better way to draw deeper from the well of God's greatness."

- Deeper Intensive Workshop Attendees

​"The Deeper Intensive was a mile marker for me! Roxanne made me think about things in ways I had never thought of them before! It really clarified so many things that the Lord is preparing me for, while at the same time, setting me free from things in my past! It was definitely a divine appointment! The Lord was there, with His power, to launch us all into a new level! I plan on going to a Deeper Intensive at least once a year! I feel like it is time to refocus and "sharpen the saw"! I am so grateful that I got to be there!" 
- Sandy James, Deeper Intensive Attendee 2017

Roxanne carries the Fire Hydrant Anointing. Her heart is captivated with love for all people and when she speaks that love bubbles up and is released to all who listen. She speaks and teaches with great transparency from her personal experiences, joy, faith and greatest of all…Love! Her words will bring transformation to your life leading you to a greater life of purpose, fulfillment and destiny.”  

- Billie Boatwright ~ President and Founder of Holy Ground International

“Roxanne is an incredible motivational speaker. She has a gift to encourage like no other!”  

- Lisa Billy, Okla. Congresswoman

Roxanne’s authentic, transparent talks. Her transparency just opened up my soul and I am so grateful for the work God has done in her that has blessed me in ways I never expected. Thank you so much!

- Winter Summit Attendee

F A Q  s

These times call you away from your busy schedule and encourages you to unplug, quiet your heart and tune into your soul and your destiny. It is our desire to support you by offering a space to really tune into the redemptive and contributive value of your past as well as capture a vision and clarity for your future purposes. These fun and power-packed small group coaching experiences will help you answer some of life’s greatest questions:

     • What is my purpose and am I living in it?

     • How can I identify and maximize my personal giftings ?
     • How do I link my past experiences to my future purpose?

     • How can I build my relationships with the Lord and others?
     • How do I live in more fulfillment and joy?

     • Why do I do what I don't want to do and why don't I do what I do want to do?

November 2-5, 2023....Okla. City, OK

Life Coaching and Personal Development experiences that will help you redeem your past, understand your present and step into your future so that you can

intentionally walk in the fullness of God’s purpose.

Life Coaching

Personal Development